Software Features

Versions of TillManager

TillManager comes in four versions - Lite, Business, Premium and Professional (available only to certified dealers) - with the following features.

Features Lite Business Premium Professional
ECR Programming
File Listings (PLU, Scanning, etc.)
Price List Reports
Range Programming & Price Adjustment
Historical Sales Reporting
Analysis Reporting
Sales Data Export
Scripting / Scheduled Running and Polling
Master / Child Profile support
PDF Printing and Emailing of Reports
Specials Pricing (day based)
Generic File Printing and Exporting
Key Map Printing Export
Time and Attendance
Label Printing
Inventory/Stock Control
Account and Loyalty History, Statements, etc.
Re-size Files
File Range Clearing
Load from and Save to PC for program files
Access to Casio raw file data
Clear History
Restore File090 to ECR
Text & Binary 090 Profile load (no ECR required)
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